Service Data Safe your data in safe (for corporations)


The advantage of our service is a secure and fast access to your important date. DataSafe provides connection services to help its users don't lose important data. Whether at home or on vacation, your files will be on all devices always fully synchronized.

If you lose your notebook, or damage to your hardware in our data isn't lost.

Benefits DataSafe:

  • online synchronization of your data
  • the option to revert to a previous version of the file (up to 10 versions back)
  • promoting access from a PC, iOS, Android
  • the ability to archive your company's data to an FTP server for a higher level of security against loss
  • saved money for their own solutions (hardware problems and the cost of electricity we solve for you)
  • data safely stored within reach of your hands (big brother has no chance)

Prices services:

Storage 20 Gb

Storage 60 Gb

Storage 150 Gb

Storage 400 Gb

19 CZK VAT/ monthly

49 CZK VAT / monthly

99 CZK VAT/ monthly

199 CZK VAT/ monthly





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